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        地址:福建 漳州 龙海市九湖镇琥珀路1号

          MeiLong(Fujian) Frozen Foods Co., Ltd is a Sino-US joint venture, total registered capital being 30.88 million RMB, which was successfully transferred from Zhangzhou Foreign Trade Cold Storage Factory in Fujian Province, originally a state-owned foreign trade company, with 100% property right tranfer. In possession of a fluidized quick-frozen vegetable product line imported from Sweden, our throughput is four tons/h, and there are eight automatic quick-frozen food product lines such as quick-frozen spring rolls, sesame balls, samosa, taro cake with green tea powder, and fozen vegetable & fuiits, etc. Our products are mainly exported to the United States, the EU, japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions around the world. Through our continuous development, the low-tenperature refrigeration capacity has amounted to 20,000 tons, not only being able to meet our production needs, but also able to provide other companies with freezing and refrigeration service.
          We consistently adhere to the management philosophy of "people orientation, pragmatic integrity, win-win consenus, steady development" and stick to the quality policy of "highlighting on quality management to ensure the food safety and focusing on continous improvement to meet customers'needs". We attached the X-ray image checker and the GC/GC-MS laboratory for testing pesticide residue to the original metal detetors and microbiological laboratory. By constantly streamlining managemeng system, step by step, we got the certificate of ISO9001 and HACCP as well as certificate of BRC and KOSHER, especially HALAL, and also set up no-harmful vegetable base, which makes the series of products of brand Yiyi and Gold Meilong well received in the market, and we always have a good repution for our productions' good quality both at home and abroad. We are sincere to establish stable and long-term relationships with all businesses around the world and warmly welcome your visit and cooperation.

      美龙(福建)冷冻食品有限公司   电话: +86-0596-2302362 邮件:mlfjldsp@163.com   

      闽ICP备09037574号   漳州市兴方圆软件开发有限公司技术支持(0596-2023333)后台管理

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